Another poem for the Irish Radical

Overconsumption of fizzy water 
Makes me dizzy
when i swish it in my mouth 
suddenly im god
and my eyes water a little
it removes the sour taste
of putrid flesh and morning breath
i saw a fat man smoking cigarettes
And had the urge 
to grab one from his mouth,
slap his belly,
and stick it in my left nostril
so the smell of blood isn’t so pungent
Purify my eyes with ash
so everything is a black haze
if i cannot smell or see
i can still hear
the cries of every fucking
bone crunching
urine seeping down the sides
of the capitol building
i am pissing on
the complicit West and its crimes 
please i don’t want to be god
to die in ignorance
and envy the foolish
is not so bad
but i am far past ignorance
if i turn my back now, 
am i still alive?

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