Stop Silencing Our Voices

Free, Free, Free Palestine
Roared the corners of Angela Boulevard
And complicit with genocide Notre Dame Boulevard
As asinine “leaders” met among sacred and guarded walls.
Amy Phony Coney Barrett and the crony man, Alex Stein,
Spoke at the culpable illustrious University of Notre Dame Law School.
Two criminals Supreme Court Judges in charge of 2 nations intertwined.
Apartheid, genocidal, colonist “Israel” and the United States of mass destruction, intervention, war,
Discussed matters regarding the hurt, tired, always targeted by the West, Middle East.
What could these two imposters judges talk about?
Did they continue to spew lies about Palestine?
Did they use propagandist talking points?
Did they make shit up for clout, to look good in the News, or to impress the future lawyers of murderous
Don’t worry, of course they didn’t talk about Palestine
And the 30,000 murders (and counting) in Gaza
Performed by the IDF (Israeli Death-squad Fascists, Israel Defense Squad).
Don’t worry, of course these nations are only allies.
The U.S. did not help create “Israel.”
The U.S. sends $18 billion of aid, but
Don’t worry about where your taxes go! Look at the war going on!
Look at these actors innocent Israeli citizens mocking Palestinians being kidnapped.
Don’t worry, of course they’ll never address the white phosphorus being dropped Hamas existence as
And the dozens and dozens of bombs “Israeli” deaths,
Oh, and the airstrikes that target journalists, families, parents, newborns airstrikes hurting “Israel”!
Don’t worry about anything at all! Don’t even think about Yemen trading routes!
Everything will be okay when you are silenced and only listening to these phonies, cronies, “leaders.”

Free, Free, Free Palestine
Roared a community of students and faculty
And people of the South Bend community
As we are angry, disappointed, saddened with the stance of the University
Regarding a genocide happening in Jesus’ homeland.
If we bring religion into this, then will you listen to our voices?

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