Let’s go for a coffee, no?
One where babies pick the rich,
Fragment beans that grow
In the militant-driven worlds of Latin America.
Rest in Peace, My Raza
Or where humanitarians painfully crow
For aid and the richness of laborers?
Rest in Peace, Ethiopian Field Workers
What about the places ruled by dough
Driven dictators that kill their journalists?
Rest in Peace, Filipino Journalists
Yeah, let’s buy a coffee!

To sip in Greenwich Village
Listen to Laufey and gossip
About how tired we are pillaging for Wall ST.
Iced Vanilla Latte.
No manners, no please or thank yous.
Sip your overpriced, burnt ‘gourmet’ beans.
Fun fact: Starbucks doesn’t change their beans daily
What’s that? Starbucks support colonizers?
Free Palestine; No More War, No More Harm
But I need my coffee, my stabilizers.
Turn your money bloody by supporting.
I’ll get boycott fatigue.
Learn to make your coffee!
Stand with the union, the ones who are tired
Of the continuous bullshit spewed by the ‘ivy league’ company.

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