A very rushed piece on a train back to sb

A white supremacist, colonialist state champions the ability to control the narrative surrounding it. And we subsequently see a victim complex arise when the people and community it oppresses fight back. Is that not what we are currently witnessing with those who buy into this curated narrative and continue to vouch for israel? Palestine and the illegal “state” of israel are not equals. For one, israel is immensely financially and militarily supported by the US government, fervent on sustaining its military industrial complex. The US pours billions into fueling the israeli war machine to murder Palestinian children who have witnessed and lived under israel’s settler colonialism their entire lives. I want to talk about this: because their very existence is threatened every, single, fucking, day, Palestinian children possess a very distinct understanding of identity—who they are, and especially who is attempting to erase them. I was in Palestine last summer working on a farm. I met Palestinian children from Bethlehem, Beit Jala, and a nearby refugee camp. I remember a 5-year old asking me if I like israel or Palestine more, followed by a passionate exclamation of his own love for Palestine. With his crayons, we drew a house with the colors green, black, and red. A young child has the awareness of his position in the world because he has no other choice. When people babble about how both sides have used violence, i can’t decide whether to blow my brains out or laugh. I was only a visitor, but even in the short span of two months, observed enough to understand it is Palestine or nothing. It was never israel, and it never will be. There are checkpoints scattered throughout the West Bank. IDF soldiers would stop Palestinian buses to walk through the aisles carrying huge guns, wearing full gear. HOW CAN YOU CLAIM?!! that there is equality on both sides in regard to power dynamics when civilians (with children, with family, who were elders) were forced to show their IDs in front of everyone on the bus, in front of armed soldiers. It is not only meant to intimidate, but also to humiliate. israel’s violence is perpetual, and their vision of peace is to continue their oppression as the world remains silent. (As Chomsky says, “It’s perfectly true that Israel wants peace. So did Hitler. Everybody wants peace. The question is, on what terms?”) I have spoken before about my experience in Palestine but it baffles me that the majority of ND students are still silent. And I wonder if there is something wrong with you. Because I don’t think it’s stupidity anymore but a deliberate decision to not do or say anything, an active choice to shield your poor, Catholic eyes from an ongoing genocide. Does it not align with the same loving kindness your values encompass? Why is it that the Palestinians do not occupy a place in your minds and hearts? We have events/protests/teach-ins on campus. These opportunities to demonstrate solidarity are in front of you. So what is the matter?

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