Open Letter: No Apartheid Officials on Notre Dame Campus

To the Notre Dame Law School, 

We, the members of the University of Notre Dame, the greater South Bend community, and supporting entities, are extremely disappointed to learn the University has invited Israel Supreme Court Justice Alex Stein to speak at Notre Dame Law School on January 23, 2024. Throughout the past 75 years, the Israeli judicial system has upheld discriminatory laws that directly enforce an apartheid system on Palestinians. Alex Stein’s presence on campus in light of the ongoing genocide and violence in Palestine being enacted by the Israeli government for whom he serves is extremely inappropriate.

Since his appointment in August 2018, Alex Stein has consistently used his role to further oppress Palestinians, often in direct violation of international law. Some of his notable decisions include initiating the seizure and demolition of Palestinian homes despite numerous outcries from Israeli human rights organizations, as well as using home demolition as a punitive measure against innocent relatives of Palestinian prisoners. He has also directly  facilitated the forcible transfer of indigenous Palestinians in occupied territory to make way for Jewish settlements — including Khan Ahmar and Masafer Yatta — a war crime under international law through Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

As an esteemed and internationally recognized institution of higher education, the University of Notre Dame should be using its platform to unify our campus to advocate for the protection of all innocent life. Instead, the University has chosen to give a voice to an oppressive government that is currently being tried in The Hague for its war crimes. This is an extremely distasteful decision; Alex Stein is not who we want Notre Dame Lawyers  to emulate.

Although it is important for students to hear various perspectives to critically analyze the ongoing conflict, Alex Stein’s direct role in enabling the occupation erases any good-faith arguments for his objectivity or neutrality. The University’s invitation signals support for the Israeli government’s actions. This decision tips the scale of opposing sides in an ongoing international conflict, giving a voice to an oppressive government while further silencing the already voiceless. We demand transparency from Notre Dame Law School on its decision to invite Alex Stein as a speaker, and full accountability from the University for the harm caused.


Black Lives Matter South Bend

Michiana Friends of Palestine

Student Voices for Palestine at Notre Dame

Occupation Free Notre Dame

Graduate Students Against Racial Injustice at Notre Dame (GS-ARIND)

Students for Justice of Palestine Purdue 

Solidarity Notre Dame

Accomplice Notre Dame

Michiana Jews Against Colonialism

Student Coalition for Immigration Advocacy at Notre Dame

Democratic Socialists of Northern Indiana

University of Notre Dame, Creative Writing Team

The Irish Radical

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