Discourse on Gushers

I think it’s really cool you like capitalism 

Because, same

You get a ton of things

And fast 

You kill a lot of people

But so what (sad face)

Dog eats Dog

man eats man

Let’s eat until we explode

Gorge on the earth and flesh and shit

Until our stomachs splurt and gush out like


Unconsumable fake ass colors in gooey membranes

That stick to your teeth until they rot 

They make my teeth itch

They make me want to grind my teeth until my brains burst 

until they say sayonara to my sore gums

Slowly clattering by my new nikes click clack

(They were made by a y*llowman’s child!

the cost of a human life!!! i wiggle my toes in them and you laugh)

Saliva slips out of my mouth

My shirt is soaked and reeks of acid

There go my molars

I pinch the last gusher

It’s red, my favorite 

i squeeze it with my index and thumb 

Until the insides slowly seep out

sadistic entertainment

It gets in between my fingernails

“disgusteng” haha

It’s not my fault !?

these filthy chunks of gushers 

they’ve stained my fingerprints

What did Césaire say?

“these cries of ‘Kill! kill!’ and ‘Let’s see some blood,’ belched forth by trembling old men and virtuous young men educated by the Jesuit Fathers”

I have two teeth left 

so i open another pack of gushers

I want to eat until you die

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